Graduate School Loan

Help your students make graduate school happen.

Our Graduate School Loan features competitive interest rates, plus enhanced repayment flexibility as your graduates begin their careers.

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For expenses due to MBA programs

Medical School

For expenses due to medical school

Medical Residency

For residencies and relocations

Health Professions Graduate

For expenses due to your health professions degree

International Student

Get a loan to study at a US or International University (non-US citizen).

General Graduate

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General Graduate Loans



The Graduate School Loan vs the Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan

This loan can be a good alternative to the Federal Direct Grad PLUS Loan; and, if you’re highly qualified, you may receive a lower interest rate.

Our Loan Direct Grad PLUS Loan
Available for less than half-time enrollment ✔
Offers variable interest rates ✔
Offers fixed interest rates ✔ ✔
No origination fee ✔
6-month grace period ✔ ✔
Deferred repayment option ✔ ✔
Multiple in-school repayment options ✔
Rate reduction for auto debit enrollment ✔ ✔