International Student


GEMS gives International Students the opportunity of a lifetime to advance your academic and professional objectives while experiencing a whole new world at US or approved International Universities.

Easy to sign up just click on the Apply Now button.
Please note that you will need to have a permanent US address to sign up. If you do not have a permanent US address please use the address of your co-signer. For more tips click here.

GEMS has partnered with Earnest Student Loans to provide International students the opportunity to borrow when attending an University outside their country. We provide loans for international students in the USA, United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand at approved Academic Institutions.*

Low Interest Rates

Loans are available at low rates at a variable and fixed rate. International students are required to have a US citizen or permanent resident of the US as a cosigner.

Loans Available for

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduate
  • Medical
  • Short term study abroad

Tips for Applying for an International Student Loan

Steps you need to know when applying:
  1. After you click on Apply Now you will leave our website to our lending partner.
  2. At their home page select your degree from the drop-down box at student loans in the header.
  3. Next you answer three questions and when you are asked, I live in, type in your country.
  4. Click on continue and you will come to the application page.
  5. Under My permanent address, You will need to use a US address as the system does not recognize a non-US address. You may choose to use your cosigners address or another address.
  6. Type in your university you will be attending. If it is not available contact GEMS and we may be able to get the university approved. An example would be University of London, you will see a listing of the schools and once you see your university click on it.
  7. It asks for your credit score and as this is most likely not relevant choose one. You are not allowed to move on without it. The loan is based on your cosigner who will have a credit score.
  8. Follow the steps for the rest of the application and at the end have an email sent to your cosigner who will be able to provide their information necessary for the loan process.

*If your University is not on the approved list contact GEMS at and we may be able to approve the university.

*If your University is not on the approved list contact GEMS at and we may be able to approve the university. Loan Eligibility Criteria: Eligible students must: 1) For college Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors, attend, or be enrolled to attend, a Title IV school full-time. For college Seniors and Graduate students, attend, or be enrolled to attend, a Title IV school at least half-time; and 2) be pursuing a Bachelor’s or Graduate degree. Earnest private student loans are subject to credit qualification, completion of a loan application, verification of application information, self-certification of loan amount, and school certification. Before applying for private student loans, it’s best to maximize your other sources of financial aid first. It’s recommended to use a 3-step approach to assembling the funds you need: 1) Look for funds you don’t have to pay back, like scholarships, grant and work-study opportunities. 2) Next, fill out a FAFSA® form to apply for federal student loans. Federal student loans do not require a credit check or cosigner, and offer various protections if you’re struggling with payments. 3) Finally, consider a private student loan to cover any difference between your total cost of attendance and the amount not covered in steps 1 and 2. For more information, visit the Department of Education website at Earnest Private Student Loans are made by One American Bank, Member FDIC. One American Bank, 515 S. Minnesota Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57104. Earnest loans are serviced by Earnest Operations LLC, 535 Mission St., Suite 1663 San Francisco, CA 94105, NMLS #1204917, with support From Navient Solutions, LLC (NMLS #212430). One American Bank and Earnest LLC and its subsidiaries, including Earnest Operations LLC, are not sponsored by agencies of the United States of America. © 2022 Earnest LLC. All rights reserved.