Student Aid Administration

Recent changes in U.S. law have changed the Title IV landscape and vastly reduced the assistance available to international universities from traditional lenders and guaranty agencies. GEMS fills this need for information and consulting by providing practical and experienced assistance in administering the U.S. financial aid programs.

Our consultants meet with university staff to

  • ensure compliance with U.S. loan regulations
  • assist in website development
  • provide information sessions for staff
  • assist in audit preparation
  • conduct live entrance and exit interview seminars for students
  • provide oversight during the application process for initial certification
    or recertification in the U.S. federal student loan programs
  • and more...

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GEMS Full Subscription

Includes: Two days on-site Financial Aid Office Review, Financial Aid Office Policy and Procedures for Institution, GEMS Financial Aid Manual and updates, Institution Web Page mandatory data access and updates, discounts on additional on-site consulting, group workshops/meetings and webinars. 

GEMS Financial Aid Manual

GEMS Compliance Web Data

GEMS Financial Aid Office Policy and Procedure Set-up

GEMS on-site visits

Can include general consulting, audit preparation, and Entrance/Exit interviews.      Pro-ration available for half or partial days.

School initial Title IV Loan Program Certification and/or Recertification Assistance