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How to Apply: Tuition and Fees

You can study abroad at the destination of your choice through GEMS Global Study Abroad program. All tuition and fee payments are made directly to the university which you have decided to attend. To begin the process, complete GEMS Initial Review of your credentials and we will help find a program that meets your needs.

Apply through GEMS Global Study Abroad to benefit from GEMS simplified application process. After completing your application and being admitted to the university of your choice, GEMS will provide you the information needed to complete the tuition and fee payments required at the univiersity.

See the tuition and fees for each University by using the Search Programs feature.

Unless otherwise stated in the application materials, the price listed for GEMS Global Study Abroad includes:

  • Application fees
  • Orientation fees (if applicable)
  • University/College deposit
  • Tuition and fees
  • Shared dormitory accommodation*
  • Full meal plan**

The Price for the GEMS Global Study Abroad program does not include the following:

  • VISA application fees
  • Health Insurance (unless provided by the university)
  • Personal spending money
  • Travel to and from the university including transportation from the nearest international airport. 
  • A round trip ticket to and from your home country is required.
  • University textbooks and other necessary school supplies

*Students are automatically invoiced for room and board unless the university program does not offer on campus housing in which case the student would also be responsible for the additional costs associated with room and board during your short-term Global Study Abroad.  Individual universities generally offer assistance in procuring off campus housing.  Contact GEMS for more information.

**Meal and housing costs during times when the university is officially closed – the university will typically close for the Thanksgiving holiday in late November, the Christmas holiday (usually lasts 4 weeks) and spring vacation.

GEMS cannot guarantee acceptance to your selected program. GEMS Admission Advising will assist you in completing your application, obtaining all of the required documents, and submitting the application to the university you have selected. However, all admission decisions are at the sole discretion of the university.

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