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General Admissions Requirements: Academic Record

Global Study Abroad’s programs are designed to offer international students
the opportunity for short-term study abroad for either a semester or yearlong program.

Our typical student:

  • has the desire to study abroad for a semester or a yearlong program,
  • has completed at least their first year of studies at their home university,
  • has demonstrated English Language proficiency and meets the minimum language requirements to study at their selected international university,
  • has demonstrated successful academic progress at their home university,
  • has sufficient financial resources to cover the cost of the program.
Each university has a different criteria for admission into their program. Your academic record is important and you may be asked to submit transcripts detailing your academic progress at your home university.

The host university may require a letter describing how you will benefit from studying as part of a short-term program. Some programs may require you to select courses and have an academic advisor or other official from your home university verify the information.

You may be asked to submit a letter of recommendation from a professor at your home university. The host university may also ask that the letter of recommendation be sent directly to the university with your application or they may ask that a professor complete a portion of the application.

Most host universities want to know that programs taken at the host university will be accepted at your home university. You may be required to have a school official at your home university sign a form indicating the credits earned while studying abroad will be accepted.

Contact us if you have any questions.

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